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A Detroit Architect's DIY Loft in the Boydell Building

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Some people want to move into the perfect, just-renovated apartment (perhaps the almost entirely pre-leased Broderick tower) and some people are willing to rent a fixer-upper. Architect Mark Klimkowski is the rare guy in the latter camp who considers his fifth-floor apartment in the Boydell Building a lab for his architecture practice. He has lived here for two years in the Boydell, owned by Dennis Kefallinos whose empire includes Niki's Pizza and The Russell Industrial Center (just to name a few of his local holdings because there are oh so many). In this case, being allowed to alter the raw apartment on his own is a plus; Mark's built many of the components himself, including the loft structure that creates two separate bedrooms and the kitchen counter, which was made from flooring. Many of the materials were salvaged, including the metal panels in the living room and the wood for the shutters which came from scrap lumber left over from his D:hive project. (He built the space dividers seen here). The highlights of the space include one large-ass skylight. Mark's got an in-progress planting bed in the upper loft space that he hopes to see grow over the summer. He's a a guy that likes to build, not just render ideas on paper, so expect this place to keep evolving.

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Boydell Building

743 Beaubien Street , Detroit, MI