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Super-Fun Blog Theme Week Highlights Detroit's Death

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io9 is that blog from the Gawker network that is neither Gawker nor Jezebel nor Jalopnik nor Deadspin. Which is to say we've never been quite sure what it was. In any case, they are running the most fun theme week ever right now: it is called Death Week. And so obviously this gave them an opportunity to talk about Detroit's abandoned train station and the city that is famous for being around said station. The article entitled "How to Tell if Your City is Dying" is basically "If Your City Looks Like Detroit It Is Likely Already Dead." It contains a beginners guide to the decline of cities, illustrated entirely with Detroit ruin porn. The tips on identifying "city death" include watching out for shrinking populations and people not paying taxes. Tips on identifying "How Detroit is weird" include watching out for our love of parking lots. Because Barcelona and Paris sure do not love these things the way we do! Since the theme here is Death, we can't help but wonder if the follow up is Funeral Week, in which we all have a kick ass party and then move to Chicago! We'll just have to make sure we set a time limit for the eulogy because by the time all the Detroit boosters get to say nice things about the city that was, Chicago will be dead too.

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