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Dome Update-O-Rama: Former Home To Become Event Space

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Photos by Nick Hagen.

The former home of Leo Gillis, brother of famous Detroit musician Jack White, has finished its run as a residence. The two connected geodesic domes that Gillis constructed will be an event space, and as you can see renovations are well-underway. Scott Griffin and Angel Gambino [full disclosure: they are the landlords for Curbed Detroit office space] bought the building in February for $26,000 and have already had the second floor ripped out. The good lumber has been salvaged for reuse and the soggy parts have been tossed out as the space gets ready to host parties.

Are events better in round spaces? The potential is apparent already. Gone are the room dividers that made the dome a home and the crew will continue the gutting to remove the floor tiles. You can still see the metal that held the second floor in place attached to the ceiling and it seems like it is much easier to appreciate the unique shape with that out of the way.

The event space that the new owners have dreamed up will use the entry dome as one grand room. The rear dome will be more divided and will house the bathrooms, catering kitchen, and other equipment. The second-floor porch area between the domes will be glassed-in. Griffin says they are aiming to have the space up and running in the late fall, coming just slightly too late to house the Curbed One Year Anniversary Party. (Send us birthday presents on September 7. Preferably cash for the party budget). We're dying to see who becomes the first to book an event and break this place in.

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