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All Signs Point to a Decor Score At Vinsetta Garage

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We've been hearing rumors of pre-opening preview parties over at the Vinsetta Garage space for weeks. Here now, Thrillist Detroit's email blast makes it official: the former garage opens for business as a restaurant today. And while we hardly expect that you'll remember this fun trivia fact, we at Curbed hold a special place for this building in our hearts as it was the subject of the very first Curbed Detroit blog post ever. We'd like to think that we, like this once-grungey building on Woodward Ave, we have come a long way, too. But enough about us.
The project architect is Michael Poris whose restaurant credits include the Small Plates in Royal Oak as well as the one downtown. We've yet to get the full Vinsetta tour but from what we've seen of these to-die-for leather booths, the elegant lighting, and the killer skylights, the place is a total decor score. Interior decor credit goes to Ann Stevenson, wife of Curt Catallo who is one of the owners.

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Vinsetta Garage

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