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Is Eastern Market Now The Definitive Detroit Graffiti Destination?

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First, Eastern Market had a graffiti marriage proposal. But then Hamtramck started to get more attention for its controversial public art effort and Eastern Market was not content to lose attention. And so the neighborhood sent some artists to go absolutely all out crazy on a building near Gratiot. Holy skeleton jukebox hell! This went up fast (just this week) and appears to have covered every inch of the building. We're not sure who owns the building nor who painted it (that is where you, dear tipsters) come in, but we are quite sure we can't stop staring.

Update: A tipster sends in this blog post indicating that the art is the work of Flying Fortress and Nychos for the Detroit Beautification Project, which is the same organization behind the artwork in Hamtramck. DBP brings in graffiti artists from around the world to create work in Detroit. Here is a video.

Update #2: Another tipster writes, "The building is actually owned by the former state drug czar and it's where the Michigan Glass Project is taking place next weekend."

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