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Briggs Mansion Bought! "Stone Hedge" Goes For $395,650

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An eleven-bedroom mansion that came on the market in March with an ask of $465,000, has officially sold; the closing date reported is June 22. The price had dipped to $445 K in April but in the end the place went for $395,650 cash! For an 9,638 square-foot manor built by Walter O. Briggs, the entrepreneur that was once the sole owner of the Detroit Tigers, this is quite the deal. In fact, this was the house that NPR reported on with the headline Million-Dollar Mansion Has A Bargain Basement Price. In that piece we learned that the home had gone for a mere $65,000 in 1976. It seems that knocking us out with a too-low-to-be-true price is this home's signature trick.
Given what happened earlier this summer at another notable (even cheaper!) mansion, you might be worried about the house getting scrapped. Rest assured that when it came to talking to NPR, the sellers were on the lookout for someone that would treat the place lovingly.

They're looking for someone who wants to take care of the home. They don't just want a buyer who's looking for a sweet deal. They say they've already turned those people away.Here's hoping the new owners fully appreciate a bit of baseball memorbilia as much as they enjoy paying cash for one of Detroit's most glorious gems. The home's interior is adorned with wooden heads meant to be Babe Ruth, Ty Cobbs, Joe DiMaggio, and Lou Gehrig. Have we mentioned that Curbed Detroit accepts invites to house-warming parties? And that we show up with house-warming gifts? We're thinking we need to bring a crown to the new owner. Someone has just become King of Detroit real estate deals and needs to dress the part.

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Stone Hedge

700 W Boston Blvd , Detroit, MI 48202