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Good God...stop...I feel like I'm going to be sick. That is so disgusting and heartbreaking to see this beautiful building being slowly, methodically stripped to the rivets. As for these fucking vultures who keep picking at the corpse until there is absolutely nothing left...a law should be enacted where it is not just fine, but ENCOURAGED to shoot them on sight. And I don't EVEN want to hear the "they're just trying to put food on the table" crap. They are cowardly, craven THIEVES with no civil regard whatsoever. I hope this weaselly little piece of garbage, Michael Mallett, who tried to rape the Van Dyke Place mansion is made an example of. In a perfect world, he'd be locked in a room full of local preservationists who are allowed to give him a little piece "Detroit justice". -Frank Lloyd Wrong [Architectural Details Disappear From The Brodhead Armory]