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Architectural Details Disappear From The Brodhead Armory

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A Detroit architectural gem is slowly vanishing and our photographer friend at DetroitUrbex has the photo evidence. The Brodhead Naval Armory was built in 1930 as a training center and barracks for the state's military reserves and houses largest collection of federally-funded Depression-era artwork of any Michigan building. Or it did. DU writes:

Unfortunately, since the armory closed in 2004, it has been subject to repeated break-ins and theft, mostly by scrappers stealing metal pipes and structural supports. In the last year though, it would appear that a different kind of theft has taken place. The pictures above illustrate that many of the wood carvings have been removed from the building, obviously with some care and thought. Entire staircases are gone, as are most of the doorways. · Brodhead Naval Armory - Now and Then [DetroitUrbex]

Brodhead Armory

E Jefferson Ave , Detroit, MI