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Imagination Station Re-Groups Post-Fire With Fresh Paint

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This post was authored by Amy Swift.

Images by Jerry Paffendorf

Despite suffering a pretty devastating fire two weeks ago and having to defer plans for what sounded like a killer kick-off party due to the crazy storms last week, the Imagination Station crew wants everyone to know "IT'S OK"! Yesterday, artist Zak Meers finished work on the latest public art additions to the IS campus thanks to the help of bright-eyed Summer in the City volunteers and a tasty McClure's donation.

The Imagination Station's stated goal is to honor the past by working tirelessly to improve the present in order to seek out a more robust and creative future for the city. These plans originally involved the redevelopment of the two blighted houses known affectionately as Lefty and Righty and their three adjacent vacant lots into an "amazing creative campus," but given the current burnt-out nature of things, future plans are presently up in the air. Still, IS's ability, even as a charred skeleton, to rally community involvement in a positive and creative (and frankly eye-catching) manner is an awesome example of Detroit's artistic spirit. · This Morning Imagination Station Was Pretty Much Torched [Curbed Detroit]
· Story In Progress: Imagination Station is On Fire Right Now [Curbed Detroit]

Imagination Station

2230 14th Street, Detroit, MI