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Forbes "Shocked" by Discovery of Real Live Humans in Detroit

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Detroit, that scary ghost-town no one visits, reportedly has actual living people in it! No really, that awful place that lost 25 percent of the population in the past decade is not just tumble weeds and feral cats! This breaking news come to us via Forbes. An investigative reporter writes:

I found myself driving up Woodward on a Tuesday afternoon, and I was shocked — shocked — to see dozens of pedestrians strolling along the street. They were soaking up the sunshine at outdoor cafes, or taking a break from work at one of the downtown office buildings to stretch their legs or run errands. In any other city, this would be unremarkable. But in Detroit, it was an amazing sight. Seriously. Shocked shocked shocked! We'll try and analyze this one for you as soon as we pick up our jaws from off the floor. The truth is, we've been blogging from a bunker in Royal Oak for 10 months because the city scares us. And quite frankly, we may not be ready to venture out. Forbes used a wikipedia image with no people in it to illustrate that Detroit has people? This seems like a trick.

· A Shocking Sight In Downtown Detroit: People [Forbes]