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Move-In-Ready Colonial Loses $30 K From The Ask

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This five-bedroom built in 1928 has retained much of the original character (wood-panelled walls) but given itself at least one total-bathroom overhaul (looks a bit Hotel-ish but certainly clean and spacious). It's a totally great house, but be careful how you read its claims to publicity fame. It says it was featured in "THE NEW YORK MAGAZINE "THIS WEEK," which is a little confusing if you are a fan of the Publication called New York Magazine that does not publish something called This Week. Actually they were in something called The Week, not This Week. As far as we know New Yorkers don't actually read The Week, though someone that works for The Detroit News does. The Week, a publication based in New York, did included the home in a real estate round up.

Note that this is short-sale. Amenities include a third-floor in-law suite and hardwood floors. The current ask is $140,000 and the square footage estimate is 4,100, though they do admit that it is approximate so measure before you move your piano.

· 19597 Shrewsbury Rd [Zillow]