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Hubbard Farms Wants You To Think of It As Corktown/Midtown

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A three-bedroom house renting for $625 has made an interesting move on Craigslist. The place is solidly in Hubbard Farms (where we've starred the map above) but marketing to the Corktown/Midtown home-seeker. Which gives a bit more traction to the theory floating around that Hubbard Farms IS the new Corktown. Listen, the place is still missing its Slows BBQ and an buncha bars, but young people priced-out (or defeated by the low vacancy rate) of Corktown are certainly showing up on the other side of 1-75 now. This might just mean that hipster-hang-out Donovan's Pub is the official gateway for the spread of young urbanite culture in that direction. It's not like someone won't notice the difference between Midtown and Hubbard, but with Midtown's lack of rentals, this headline was well-played to the frustrated apartment seeker.

· $625 House for rent (corktown/midtown/sw) (map) [Craigslist]