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Bank-Owned Brush Park Condo Comes On Market For $145 K

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This two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo just popped on the market a few days ago after undergoing foreclosure. It's now being sold by the bank with an ask $144,900 for the 1,300 square-foot home. Brush Park is the ideal hood for sports fans hoping to walk to Lions or Tigers games. The condo seems to be in good condition and sporting a balcony, though there are some awful but easily-removable blinds in there. Zillow data indicates that this thing has been listed for sale a buncha times, both in 2009 and 2011. The lowest price they are ever showing is $75,000 July 2009. This new, much-higher ask seems a bit too optimistic in that light. We would not be surprised to see a PriceChop coming.

· 66 Winder Street #445, Detroit MI 48201 [Trulia]
· 66 Winder St #445 [Zillow]