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Not Even The Water Is Safe From Downtown's Rebranding

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What the hell is that neon blue liquid pouring from this fountain? Water 2.0! (Don't drink it). It would seem the re-branding exercise in Dan Gilbert-owned real estate continues downtown. Let's recap! As part of what Gilbert calls Detroit 2.0, The Madison building became the M@dision, Woodward Ave became Webward Ave, The Chase Tower became The Qube (now confirmed by wikipedia) and The Dime Building became Chrysler House. As we've mentioned before, the Chase Tower Qube-ification came with some rather atrocious new colors which, as photographed by a tipster yesterday, have now leaked into the water. We're also informed that some brass plant holders were replaced. On a related note, has anyone noticed a suspicious amount of empty Dollar Store shelves where Ty-D-Bol used to be?

· Downtown Detroit's New Decor is An Atrocious Attention Whore [Curbed Detroit]

Quicken Loans Qube

635 Woodward Ave., Detroit, MI 48226