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Mind-Blowingly Awesome 6,000 Square-Foot Penthouse Loft

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Photographs by Lauren Piippo.

Loft-buyers in New York and L.A. take note: Detroit's newest mind-blowingly awesome penthouse has a price that will decimate you. For $475,000, one can now buy 6,000 square feet in the 6th Street Loft building. Six Thou! Do you even know what to do with that much loft footage? We don't either but we imagine it might be something like what the Tom Hanks man-child character did in the movie Big. (We're not promising you can fit a trampoline, but we are suggesting you look into it). Located in the heart of Corktown, this place will put you in walking distance of all the fun to be had on Michigan Ave, as well as super-close to downtown. Natch, from the top floor there is gorgeous view of the city skyline, which means basically you shall reign over Corktown. Is this a good time to mention our tipline is always open for invites to house-warming parties?

· 1535 6th St. [O'Connor Real Estate]
· Lauren Piippo Photography [Official]

6th Street Lofts

1535 6th St. , Detroit, MI