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Your Downtown Rental Building Wait List Report Is Here!

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So you can't rent in Corktown anymore. But that hood never really had the tall building sort of rental stock to begin with. So what is the deal with downtown's no vacancy rate for rentals we have been hearing about recently? How bad is it really? We had our intrepid intern make some calls to some of the more popular apartment buildings downtown. Those being the Millender Center on Brush Street, The Lofts at Merchant's Row on Woodward Ave, Detroit City Apartments on Washington Blvd, The Kales on West Adams St., and The Fyfe Apartments, also on West Adams St. Each reported about the same wait for an apartment. Drum roll please....

According to the leasing people we spoke to, the current wait for a downtown apartment rental is one month. That's it? Well it is better than a vacancy rate but we're not entirely blown away. With the Broderick Tower almost entirely pre-leased (90% last we checked) three months before it opens we expected more. We've heard horror stories about would-be renters searching for months with no luck. One person even said they were basically forced to take up in the burbs. Are the leasing agents being too optimistic about openings? Have you waited endlessly for months on end? Leave us a comment if you've been striking out downtown with the leasing offices.

· Waiting List Reality: Downtown Rentals Are In Demand! [Curbed Detroit]