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No Rental Vacancy Whatsoever in Corktown: People Turned Away Daily

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In an article about the revival of Detroit's Corktown neighborhood (the one left for dead when Tigers Stadium closed and was replaced by downtown's Comerica Park), The Detroit News manages to horribly bury the lede. You dear reader, don't need us to tell you that a lot of new things opened in the last year and that Slows BBQ (opened in 2005) remains the hood's saving grace, the catalyst that drew all the other new businesses. Here is what is really so hot right now in this article (paragraphs 22-23, natch!)

Ryan Cooley, owner of O'Connor Real Estate and a partner in Slows with his brother, Phillip, said the new businesses have helped attract residents. Ryan owns seven rental units and works with landlords at about 50 units. "There's not one availability," he said, noting he has never had to turn a prospective renter away until this spring. "We turn away at least one person a day."

BOOM! There you have it Detroit. We've filled one whole hood. So that is like... 99 to go? More importantly, thanks-but-no-thanks to The Detroit News for finally getting around to telling you about a hot-hot-hood after it filled up. Since it's been like forever since Detroit has had this problem officially, you may be confused about how to react to the news that there is a hood you cannot have (want it more than ever? Yeah psychology will eff you like that). 1. Perhaps now is a good time to remind you that Curbed Detroit HQ has been based in Corktown since the fall and that we'd gladly rent you the office couch for a night.

2. But really what anyone with some cash on-hand right now should do is buy already. If you are ready to drop half a Mil, this is one helluva hot loft listing.

3. Ok so you missed out on Corktown. Remain calm because the hotness will not stay isolated. Let's not forget that Hubbard Farms is the new Corktown. You heard it here first, but we are sure TDN will confirm in 2015.

4. Already have some Corktown real estate? YOU WIN! We suggest making like the John Mason house and adding it to Air BNB, the vacation rentals site, to make some extra cash money (think of it as allowance for the Sugar House Bar).

5. Just lay down and weep. Because you, fools, did not vote Corktown the winner of the Curbed Cup last year. You let it lose to FERNDALE. That is shameful.

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