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Beam Me Up: Upgrades to the Pistons' Palace of Auburn Hills

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Renderings have been released for the $13-$15 million renovation of that big suburban building where the Detroit Pistons play basketball: The Palace of Auburn Hills. MLive has posted a list of the top ten changes for Pistons fans, which according to the renderings are all people that all look like holograms. No really. We had no idea you could be beamed up to a game instead of taking 1-75. That sounds amazing and fuel-efficient. Other changes pale in comparison, but here are other things to look forward to:
1. Do basketball fans have terrible taste? The new owners seem to think so and have nixed self expression in decor: suite owners will no longer be allowed to decorate their own suites.

2. There are new foods coming including a “Mac-A-Mania” stand! What could that possible serve? Macaroons? No you idiot. This is Michigan and we eat 'Merican. It is for macaroni and cheese.

3. A large Joe Dumars poster will is dunzo. Dennis Mannion, president of Palace Sports & Entertainment, says the removal is “no offense” to the former Pistons all-star. But face it, it kinda sounds personal, right?

Now if you'll excuse us (and look closely at the rendering of the character in a scarf) we need to go get a Starbucks. Fake alien teenager product placement is very effective.

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