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Bloomberg News Finds Detroit’s Core, Publishes Misleading Headline With Photo of Canadian Building

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Bloomberg Businessweek ran this headline today, "Detroit’s Core Thrives as Criminals Prey on Suburbs." What's that you say? After all those years during which Detroit violence drove residents to the burbs they're now headed back in to avoid being robbed in Royal Oak? Yeah not quite. The article has some very positive things to say about Midtown (that hood's population grew 33 percent from 2000 to 2010), but does not use the distinction "suburban" the way we're used to. The criminals in the headline continue to prey on Detroit, in the city, outside of the core (MidDowCorkshire and whatnot) but this is not a report on dramatic crime increases outside of the 8-Mile border where locals draw the line between city and suburb. In addition, we're not really sure why an image of a Canadian building seemed best to illustrate this point.

· Detroit’s Core Thrives as Criminals Prey on Suburbs [BloombergBusinessweek]