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The Two-Bedroom Loft on Two Upper Floors Of An Old Hotel

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If you can't get away this summer, rest assured that you can at least go stay in a more beautiful apartment for a few days in Detroit. We've been trolling the listings on airbnb, the site for vacation rentals to find the beauty in being stuck in the city without a lake house escape. Today's top pick, with its ping-pong table, incredible views, and room for two couples, might just be enough to convince a lake house owner to stick around. At $400/night or $2,500/week it's not cheap, but pretty manageable if four people split it, or if a whole crew decides to rent it for a party (1,700 square feet). We'd kill for those exposed concrete pillars, exterior walls, and ceilings. As the description says, everything is "very new" (like the bamboo floors) despite the building being an old historical hotel.

· Detroit Loft Blocks From Downtown [airbnb]