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UFO Factory Lands Near Old Tiger Stadium Lot To Remake Building, Make Music

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This post was authored by Amy Swift.

Images Courtesy of UFO Factory

As Detroit's hottest hood, Corktown will not rest until it has it all. And that means UFOs too. Yes, aliens have landed on Trumbull street . The keen observer may have already noticed the silver "billboard" on 2110 Trumbull across from the Old Tiger Stadium lot, but we've got the scoop on what's to come... It seems that UFO Factory, a music and art venue previously of Eastern Market, has purchased a somewhat tired looking structure in Corktown with the hope of converting it into a "live musik [venue], art gallery, social club, bar, rekording studio, etc." (emphasis on the "k"). Want to know when it'll be open? Well, that's still tbd. The group "rekorded" the painting event that took place July 14 to make a video for their Hatch Detroit application, the potential funding from which will determine when we'll start to see this PBR-weilding art crowd reanimate the building. We'll keep you posted on developments because, really, anything's better than a dusty, unused storefront, right? K. Over and out.

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