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Detroit Now Considers Old Tiger Stadium Ideal Site For Parking Parade Equipment

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Detroit has a new plan for Old Tiger Stadium that will allow our city to really shine at what it does best. Providing empty space to park stuff in.* In this case it is for The Parade Company. Which Parade Company? The. As in, the one that brings you the annual Thanksgiving Day event. According to the Freep, the City of Detroit is talking with the Parade Company to buy the old stadium site in Corktown and build its new headquarters, warehouse, and operations center there.

Sources indicated that the concept calls for the Parade Company to buy the site from the city for between $800,000 and $900,000. The city would use that money to help the non-profit Police Athletic League improve the existing Jayne Field, a complex of baseball and athletic fields on the east side near Davison and Conant. Of importance to sports fans: the historic infield and some of the outfield would be saved for youth baseball. Also part of the Michigan Avenue side would be held for a future development.

*Just not downtown on the street.

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