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Filed under: Sent Out Misleading Emails About Hantz Farms

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As we've mention before on this site, when it comes to the Hantz Farms proposal, Detroiters are a buncha parnoid conspiracy theorists have some concerns. Some call it a land-grab for the wealthy John Hantz, who lives in Indian Village. We call it a good idea and a way to make someone (finally!) pay property taxes on a bunch of lots. But what did call it? Something totally misleading. They sent out an email suggesting that Hantz Farms was connected to a "GMO and pesticide superpower" known as Monsanto. They used the headline "Keep Monsanto out of Detroit."

Problem is, Hantz and Monsanto are not connected and it was pretty blatant un-founded fear-mongering bullshit. From an self-described "kid," it seems. Deadline Detroit emailed the person that started the petition. He responded:

“Personally, I'm just a kid who started a petition - a very important one, none the less - so I'm not quite as up on the facts as others in my circle....,” he wrote back. “Any way you try to look at this it's a bad idea for the communities in Detroit, but the true connection between Hantz and Monsanto has yet to present itself, although my 'brain trust' has uncovered that the CEO that Hantz is putting in charge, does have former ties...” So there you go kids. If you don't like something, go ahead and suggest a pesticide superpower conspiracy. They cause all kindsa shit. Like not getting the girl you like to go out with you, not making the soccer team, not getting into college. The possibilites for blame are endless.

UPDATE: And furthermore, because we've been meaning to say it and now seems like as good a time as any: We get the impression Detroit distrusts Hantz purely based on the fact that he is rich. Discuss.

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