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Commonwealth Street Is An Affordable Tree-Lined Oasis

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Curbed Best Blocks coverage is a round up of the the city's most desirable places to live. At least in our humble opinion. We wanted to highlight special places that don't necessarily have listings right now, but that we'd sure like to swoop in on the next time something becomes available. See a block we missed? Tell us about it.

The stretch of Commonwealth Street that runs through Woodbridge is pretty lovely on several blocks. Today we zero in on the block between Calumet Street and West Canfield Street, which originally won us over when a fixer-upper house was scored at the foreclosure auction for $21 K. Yes, it is in America's cheapest zip code, but does it look it? Not at all! Go to other blocks of Detroit to see fally downy ruins. Commonwealth is all about big homes with porches, well-groomed yards, and luscious tree cover. With Woodbridge's enviable position near both Corktown and Midtown, we can overlook its lack of bars and restaurants for now, but isn't it about time some started a new hot spot there?

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