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Detroit Needs More Celebrities To Buy Party Mansions

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Remember how exciting it was when Kid Rock bought a mansion in Detroit near the Mayor's abode? Le Sigh. Those were the days. We've been hoping the singer would start a trend, whereby other celebs with Detroit ties turned up to buy party houses. Because really, what do you care if property values go up or down when you're already internationally famous and super-rich? Also, we have cool houses here. So what do we think, Detroit? Who is the next celebrity you want to see scoop up some Detroit real estate?

First, consider these candidates and how much fun it would be to spy from next door:

1. Eminem. Because really? He bought in Rochester Hills? That is not 8 Mile.
2. Let's get Producer Jerry Bruckheimer back and we can all work for the movies!
3. Jack White. C'mon man. He moved to Nashville? Can someone sell him The Hotel Yorba?
4. Lily Tomlin. The Actress told the press she was sad when her high school, Cass Tech, was demo'd.
5. Madonna. Nuff said.
6. Rumor is Justin Verlander lives in Troy. Say what Tiger? How about something closer to Comerica?

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· Kid Rock Buys Waterfront Detroit House On Same Block As Mayor's Mansion [Curbed Detroit]