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Comment of the Day

Ok. I live in the Hudson and I love it. That being said, a lot of the amenities listed here are theoretical. First-floor storage: This does not exist until some future date TBD. Freight elevator: I've lived there for 3 months. It has worked a grand total of 2 weeks -- and not when I moved in. Underground parking: Try semi-secured warehouse parking with boarded-over holes in some walls. And good luck air-conditioning your unit. You'll need 2 15,000 btu units to make a dent in the temp due to the massive size of these units. That being said, I find the half-finished, kind of grimy nature charming. Its hard to get a more "authentic" loft space. And I'll take it over Royal Oak any day—particularly with mandatory month-to-month leases. -Anon [Kefallinos Loves His Hudson Lofts So Much He Took a Fifth-Floor Wing For Himself]