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Broderick Tower's Future Residents Informed Of Move-In Delay

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The Broderick Tower's Model Unit as photographed in April. Photography by Andrew Kopietz.

Curbed Detroit has heard from two would-be Broderick residents that the move-in date was pushed back. Both received phone calls and we're not sure how quickly they are getting to calling all the residents (or if it is only a few affected), but the delay at this point is supposed to be two weeks. Residents signed leases in June to move in in September but now it is looking like October for some of you all. We've emailed the Broderick Property manager for more details but have not heard back. Future-residents: what will you do with your two weeks sans-housing? Vacation? Couch-crash, try and charge the Broderick an insane hotel bill? Keep us posted.

UPDATE 10:00 AM A tipster writes in to say that, "my understanding is that all residents would be pushed back. The gentleman who called indicated that he had an entire list to call and that he was 'pushing back all move ins by two weeks.' I was able to confirm from two additional team members that their move ins have been pushed back as well. All of us are on different floors."

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Broderick Tower

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