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Residents of Grand Lofts, Owned by Kefallinos, Alarmed by Notice That Building Has No Certificate of Occupancy

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A tipster sent in what appears to be an iPhone photo of a notice posted in the lobby of the Grand Loft building, owned by Dennis Kefallinos. In case you don't follow local mogul gossip, he is one of Detroit's biggest real estate barons and owner of Niki's Pizza, many loft apartment buildings, and the Russell Industrial Center. He's got a reputation around town for not being the most stellar landlord when it comes to rental unit up-keep. But should his residents really fear that their building, as this note claims, lacks a Certificate of Occupancy which might get them thrown out?

According the website, Grand Lofts have month-to-month leases starting at $650. Our resident tipster informs us that the notice pictured has already been taken down; we don't know who wrote and posted it. What's going on here? The note urges residents not to pay August rent. Is someone just trying to attack Kefallinos and went for the wallet? The note suggests that 11 buildings run by Kefallinos' Boydell Development Corp don't have certificates to be occupied. That would be a BIG deal, if true. It seems residents of the Universal Lofts have an open forum here and have a list of media outlets they are contacting. We'll keep you posted as things develop. Anonymous tips are always welcome here.

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