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Welcome to Hottest Week! Round 1, Heat 1 Starts Now

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Let the races begin! We've rounded up all the nominations for Detroit's hottest broker (as in physically hot, not professionally) and compiled the smoking-hot candidates into a bracket which we'll be running through at lightning speed this week. Here's how Round 1 works: We have eight candidates facing off in four days. Each poll is open for only 24 hours and four winners will advance to round two, vying for a position in the finals. (Think there's a broker we missed? Email us QUICK with your nomination!) And now, without further ado, let's meet the two dudes facing off today.

—Background illustration: N.Réka/Shutterstock. Male illustration: MANSILIYA YURY/Shutterstock

Meet Matt O'Laughlin, a leasing and sales agent at The Loft Warehouse and his competitor in this round, Derek J. Weaver, an Associate Broker at 4731 Group. Let's get to know each a little before we open the polls.

Curbed: What do you love about your job?
Matt: I love that I am able to be part of rebuilding Detroit. Its very fulfilling for me to take out-of-State clients moving to Detroit and find them a great place to live..... and it's fun!
Derek: I love the different people and the opportunities I encounter on a daily basis. I specialize in "creative" commercial space in Detroit which allows me to meet the most interesting entrepreneurs and artists with the craziest ideas.

Curbed: Where do you live?
Matt: I live on the best street in Detroit (Library Street), in the Central Business District. I am renting until I find a perfect rehab project in Indian Village. Maybe one of Nick's hot listings?
Derek: I LIVE in Detroit! I spend 99% of my time here! I "sleep" at my home in Harper Woods (on the border of Grosse Pointe Woods) which I purchased a couple years ago at a broker's auction.

Curbed: What's the hottest listing you have sold, listed, or shown recently.
Matt: Hottest listing that I've sold/listed would have to be The Westin Book Cadillac.
Derek: The hottest listing I have is the 4731 Building! We have 31 studios for artists and urban entrepreneurs and an art gallery on the first floor. I have managed the property for the past couple years and it is by far the coolest property I have listed in my career!

Poll results

Poll closes at 1:00 PM tomorrow!