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M@dison Building Now Home to Chez Zara Coffee Shop

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Oh thank god. Someone saved Chez Zara. If you've been to this coffee shop in the past (it first opened in 2009) you may have noticed their previous storefront on Woodward Ave was a little rough. As in, "who put this nice espresso joint in a construction zone and do I need a hard hat to use the bathroom?" Well as of last week they've moved over to The M@dison, a Dan Gilbert-owned property. We rather fancy the in-progress renovation shots we pull from their facebook page. More coffee downtown is certainly a good thing. Or as someone on the Quicken Loans blog so eloquently put it. "It’s the one and only Chez Zara, home of the world famous Nutella Latte. Yummmmm. Nutella. Yummmmmmmmm. Latte. Yummmmm." Right. You can never have too much Nutella or too much of the letter "M." · Chez Zara Coffee Opens in Downtown Detroit’s M@dison Building [Quicken Loans blog]

The M@dison

1555 Broadway St, Detroit, MI 48226