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Seven-Bedroom Tudor Home Built in 1923 Asks $375 K

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Photos by Michelle and Chris Gerard Photographers.

1923 was a lovely year to build a home in Detroit's posh Palmer Woods. This seven-bedroom was so beloved by the current owners that they held onto it for 50 years before listing it a few weeks ago for $375,000. While the place needs a few updates (mostly some new paint and carpet/flooring from what we can tell) all the right authentic details are intact. That includes a slate roof, a made-for-Mad-Men-fans 1950s kitchen, and the old in-home phone system. Ok, so you can't actually call the servants quarters, but it is a nice touch! The house is three stories and 5,398 square feet with a nice open downstairs floor plan that includes a marble entry. The expansive basement has a fireplace and the the tiled bathrooms are rather charming as well. On our walk-through the library, which features wood paneling and an ornate plaster ceiling, was a major highlight. As with most Palmer Woods places, there is a generous backyard.

· 19410 Lucerne Dr. [Zillow]
· Michelle and Chris Gerard Photographers [Official]