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You Can Never Have Too Many Packard Plant Photos

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Photographs by Jessica Lundgren McCarthy.

When she is not busy running Mae's, the breakfast/lunch joint in Pleasant Ridge that just added a patio a few weeks ago*, Jessica Lundgren McCarthy takes some rather killer photos. Today she is helping us test a theory: that you can never ever have too many photos of the Packard Plant. These were taken earlier this summer in the 3.5 M square-foot former automobile production plant designed by Albert Kahn. When the Packard owner announced earlier this year that he planned to demo the structure, it unleashed a flood of photographers hoping to capture it one last time. However, according to Motor City Muckraker, things have recently gotten out-of-hand with thieves ambushing explorers. Yikes. We're thankful no one was hurt in the capturing of this gallery and caution you to be careful out there. Or you know. Don't go out there. Just enjoy Jessica's good work from the safety of a well-lit wifi-enabled location.

*Mae's is on vacation/hiding from Dream Cruise until August 21. Check back for your patio experience.

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Packard Automobile Plant Detroit

E Grand Blvd & Concord St. , Detroit, MI