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Hottest Week: Round One, Heat Three Voting Starts Now!

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Welcome to Heat Three! This one promises to be interesting. Click over if you need to catch up on the results of Heat One or Heat Two... and thanks to all that have voted thus far. Now without further ado, let's meet two more dudes. J.P. Champine (on the left) is Vice President at Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc. And David Knapp (on the right) is making a mockery of this contest with the image he submitted but we're totally ok with that. David's a real estate agent with O'Connor, but he is so much more. Let's here more about that.

First off, an interview with JP:
Curbed: What do you love about your job?
JP: Not only do I love, but I am proud to say that I work for one of the best full-service commercial real estate firms in the world - Jones Lang LaSalle. Our corporate office in Michigan is located at the Renaissance Center. Living and working in Detroit at this exciting time has been amazing to witness the growth. I work primarily as an office consultant in the metropolitan area, and have saved clients millions on property acquisitions and lease renewals over the last 7-8 years.

Curbed: Where do you live?
JP: I live in the historic Kales Building (which is 100% occupied) in Grand Circus Park downtown Detroit, within only blocks of every major attraction in the city, and I am within walking distance of our most recent downtown assignment, the leasing and management of the Guardian Building owned by Wayne County.

Curbed: What's the hottest listing you have sold, listed, or shown recently?
JP: This is a difficult question because I service commercial real estate tenants and landlords across the country. However I am really intrigued with what Dan Gilbert has been doing Downtown. Specifically pertaining to the acquisitions of the Dime Building (Chrysler House), the First National Building, The Chase Building, and many more Retail and Residential developments in the area. This particular market boom is difficult to trump, as I have a deep heart for the City of Detroit and the East Side, growing up just a few miles upstream in Grosse Pointe. The best thing about the commercial real estate market beginning to stabilize, is that it is attracting more people to live, work, and play downtown once again. I believe we are five to ten years away from realistically competing with major markets like Chicago? and let’s not forget, it wasn’t that long ago that Detroit was one of the top five (5) striving metropolis’ IN THE WORLD.

And now let's cobble together what we know about David (no explanation came with the outfit above, sorry!) In addition to being a real estate agent, David is also an architect. You may also know him as one of the partners in Alley Wine, which was entered in the Hatch competition in 2011. He and his partners are working to open the proposed wine bar in midtown, right next to David's home. David is a boat owner, an avid fan of happy hour, and recently married (congrats!) We're betting he might be kind of awesome at Halloween.

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Poll closes after 24 hours (at 1:00 PM tomorrow).

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