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Hottest Week: Round One, Heat Four Voting Starts Now!

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Let's take moment to recap Hottest Week, in which we point out that Detroit people can be just as beautiful as the architecture. On Tuesday, Derek J. Weaver advanced to Round Two. Yesterday we learned that he would be joined there by Erica Collica. And today at 1 PM we closed the polls for round three and advanced J.P. Champine as well. So here we are. We'd like to mention at this point that nobody sent us a photo of a realtor with a puppy and that we are a little bit disappointed.

In any case, we need one more person for Round Two which will commence on Monday.

—Background illustration: N.Réka/Shutterstock. Male illustration: MANSILIYA YURY/Shutterstock

First up, we have Jan Dijkers, a broker for Vision Realty Centers who also runs a property management business called Suite Properties. Let's get to know her with our usual Q and A.

Curbed: What do you love about your job?
Jan: People! I love connecting people, and helping people find happiness. It just happens that my calling is real estate. I also love architecture and design, so my career has enabled me to admire people's contributions to the city, one house at a time.

Curbed: Where do you live?
Jan: I live in Woodbridge, currently as a renter. I am saving up to build a contemporary home the likes one would see across the pages of Dwell magazine, either in Brush Park or near the waterfront. The dream keeps unfolding, so ask me again next year.

Curbed: What's the hottest listing you have sold, listed, or shown recently.
Jan: The Springfield Lofts at 627 W. Alexandrine. This is one of the best loft conversions in the city.

Competitor Number two did not respond to our emails, so we don't have a Q and A. But in any case, Lisa Debs was also nominated as a hottest broker and here's the pic we pulled off of the Suite Properties Website. Hey wait a minute, isn't that where Jan works too? Oh girls! It's an office face-off!

For more on Lisa, here is a Detroit News article with a bizarro opening line. We understand Lisa has since moved out of the loft pictured but we are guessing she did not go to Royal Oak, "which strikes her as more of a downtown theme park than a real downtown."

Poll results

Poll closes at 2 PM tomorrow.

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