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The Ooties Space Tries Again For A Breakfast/Lunch Joint

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Last fall, we reported the news that Hamtramck was getting a breakfast/lunch place called Ooties and that it was all decked out with a pretty pleasing decor. Which was super exciting. Until it wasn't. In May, Torya Blanchard announced that she would not be opening the place after all and that someone else could rent the space. Blanchard told Curbed that she had just decorated the Ooties place for her uncle to run and was not really the owner, which was a bit confusing because an earlier report in Model D indicated that she was. In any case, once she was done not opening the place she wasn't going to run anyway, Torya announced that the decor she set up for Ooties would be made available for the next business owner to take over. And as we learned today, now someone else is planning a new breakfast/lunch spot in that storefront.

The place will be called Acme Food Company and the owners are aiming to get it up and running sometime between the late fall of this year or early winter of 2013. As of right now, they have worked out a deal to keep the fundamentals of the decor set up by Torya, who is still the owner of Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes in midtown. GGGTP attempted (or still has?) a second branch in Grosse Pointe. (Currently we can't confirm that the GP location is still opened. Anyone know?) Torya also has plans for a bar called Rodin, which D MET design has been hired for.

UPDATE: We now have confirmation that GGGTP did close the Grosse Pointe location last month from someone that is in contact with the former manager.

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Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes

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