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This Half Mil Listing in Palmer Woods is an Interesting Anomaly

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You likely think of Palmer Woods as the suburban-y part of Detroit with mansions built in the 1920s. Because usually that is what we show you when we check out a listing there. But today's five-bedroom listing is totally different, mostly because it was built in 1995 and very much looks like it. At 6,680 square feet, this place feels pretty gargantuan in the areas with double-height ceilings. But the basement is the real vast expanse of potential you'll want to pay attention to. Our realtor suggested a bowling alley could go down there but we're totally voting for bocce! (And reminding you that we love house party invites). The place has been re-done in the last two years and the huge deck out back is brand new. The ask is 499,000.

· 19460 Lowell Dr. [Zillow]