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In Which We Take a Moment To Mourn Roof Trees Lost

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Unless you've been trapped under a fallen section of The Packard Plant, you know that The American Beauty building designed by Albert Kahn is going Kahn-put pretty quickly this week. We've mourned, ok maybe over-mourned, the building enough. So today we turn tree-hugger for a moment. You'll notice some scrappy leafage on that roof being torn out and tossed aside. Now THAT is a a shame. Those trees had rooftop views a few days ago. And what we have to imagine is a pretty intense will to live, based on what they had to go through to root through that. Sure, scrap the whole building if you have to, WSU, but would it have been that much trouble to replant those? Those aren't baby trees either. They pay like $80 for several year-old trees in fancy Birmingham garden centers. Just a thought.

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