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Yet Another Detroit Castle (A Former Police Station) For Sale?

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These photos of a sales sign on a Detroit castle were taken earlier today at the intersection of Grand River and Rosa Parks Blvd. This is the former Eighth Precinct Police Station designed by Louis Kamper and built in 1900. We've left a message for the real estate agent but have not heard back yet on the price. Actually there is some confusion as to whether it is really for sale. A source that called the number last week says that the seller, which should be a property management firm called The Phoenix Group, decided not to sell after all. But the sign is still hanging out there for all to see. We'll keep you posted. [CurbedWire Staff]

UPDATE @ 4:30 PM: We have not talked to the agent, Chris Monsour yet, but someone else from his office says they are asking $299,000.