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The Loft Place Explains Missing Certificates of Occupancy

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Yesterday we broke the news that residents of loft apartments owned by local mogul Dennis Kefallinos were worried about getting kicked out because the property management/development company, Boydell, did not have certificates of occupancy. This morning we spoke to a manager at Boydell, Chris Mihailovich, who assures us that the buildings do have certificates of occupancy, well, except for the ones that don't! Of the 11 buildings listed on The Loft Place website, about half are totally fine. The rest they are "working on" and blame a "clerical error" which is to say they think the city just lost the paperwork. So really, things are mostly fine, unless you live in the Universal Lofts.

Residents of the Universal Lofts seem to be the ones that started the rumor that none of the Loft Place buildings has certificates of occupancy. The thing is, their building does not have one and they've been notified that they need to vacate. Boydell is working on getting the certificate to keep them there, but says it can take up to 7 months to complete the process (there are city inspections involved). In the meantime they offered to relocate residents to other Boydell/Loft Place properties and said they would pay for the move. However, angry residents did not take them up and seem to be either staying put or ditching Loft Place rentals entirely. Boydell is now angry about the misleading letter that has been posted and says "we are not hiding anything," but also admits they are still in the process of securing five more of the needed certificates right now. Our source says the Greektown Lofts, The Lafayette Lofts, John R Apartments, The 14th Street Lofts and The Hudson Lofts all have certificates.

UPDATE: In response to comments below, yes. The source of this entire article is Mihailovich. Neither side of this argument has shown us an official documents and we are leaving messages for the city but our calls have not been returned.

· Residents of Grand Lofts, Owned by Kefallinos, Alarmed by Notice That Building Has No Certificate of Occupancy [Curbed Detroit]