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The Half Mil Listings Club Grows! Epic Mansion Asks $550 K

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This Louis Kamper-designed mansion is the second property this month to join the club of listings asking a Half Mil. What would such a sum buy you? 9,300 square feet with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms. Indian Village uber-geeks point out that this home was on the cover of Indian Village's Annual Home Tour Guide not once but twice! three times. Ok so that was in the 80s and 90s but the home is still looking pretty great (see the 2009 cover). Whoever photographed the facade from so far away was trying to show you that the yard is actually three whole lots with pretty lavish greenery. But here is the kicker: The Chandelier over the grand staircase was a gift from Edsel Ford to the original owner, Cornelius Ray.

UPDATE: According to the listing agent, this home also made the 2009 cover of the Annual Home Tour Guide. We've added this cover to the image gallery as well.

· 1500 Seminole St. [Zillow]