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Former Site Of Halloween Party Now Just a Carnival Graveyard

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Theatre Bizarre is a legendary Detroit Halloween party that used to be on a site near Woodward and Eight Mile. But since it got shut down and had to legitimize itself with permits and licenses and what not, the old site has become a "Carnival Graveyard." At least according to Chanel 4 which went to the site to confirm that it is really bizarre. The party now lives in the Masonic Temple, but the old New York City public bus had to stay behind. That bus must be extra pissed. Not only did it leave one of American's most functional places for public transit to come to the worst, but now it won't get to use its submarine costume next year either.

· Abandoned Halloween amusement park sits in Detroit [Click on Detroit]

Masonic Temple

500 Temple Street, , MI 48201 (313) 832-7100 Visit Website