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Ab Man Charles Pugh's Foreclosed Condo Has Been Bought

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Downtown— Capital Park is supposed to be redeveloping three buildings: The Farwell Building, the former United Way Building and the Capitol Park Building. So far, the district has gotten around to adding these new banners, shown above, to show off the coming neighborhood rebrand/redevelopment. It is a step.

Green Acres— Green Acres residents are pretty jazzed that the city just gave them garbage cans for curbside recycling. Sure, other cities have had this for decades, but keep up the baby steps, Detroit. According to the City of Detroit's website, once the current expansion of the program is complete, over 34,000 households will have curbside recycling.

Brush Park— Shamrock Acquisitions, LLC, a real estate development firm, just bought the former condo of ab-man Charles Pugh in a short sale. The city Council President lost the Brush Park condo to foreclosure. Our source says they are planning to renovate it because the "interior paint and decor are horrendous." It will go up for rent once work is complete. The Bedford Group will be marketing the home for Shamrock.