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The Taubman Building's Renovated First-Floor Studio Space

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Photographs by Christopher Damico.

The Detroit Creative Corridor Center (DC3), has a newly-renovated first-floor studio in the Taubman Center building thanks to Patrick Thompson design. The building, a gift to the College for Creative Studies from General Motors, was designed by Albert Kahn as a GM laboratory building. This particular space was once parking for GM employees. It's come a long way and can now seat 17 people; the studio is only available to those enrolled in the Creative Ventures acceleration program. The studio space was originally done about a year ago, but PTD was hired to re-work the space, adding custom millwork pods and updating some furniture. (We're big fans of those phone-booth/meeting pods). If you'd like to see the space up close, stay tuned for an art opening in September.

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