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State Savings Bank, Bought For $700 K, Could Be Demolished

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The State Savings Bank at 151 W. Fort St., was purchased for $700,00 earlier this year by the same Toronto-based real estate firm that owns the Silverdome in Pontiac and the Penobscot Building downtown. However, now Triple Properties is thinking it might be better off demolished so they can build... (drum roll please)... a parking garage. You have got to hand it to Detroit: it won't rest until every preservationist in the city dies of a broken heart. Andreas Apostolopoulos, the head of Triple Properties, spoke to the Freep:

"Detroit needs parking," he said. "If we don't have parking people won't come downtown? We tried to bring some tenants downtown and the people are not coming because there is no parking."Could the compromise actually be worse? The are also taking about a façadeomy! That would mean keeping the façade of the building intact and putting a parking garage within it. · Detroit State Savings Bank owner wants to demolish historic structure, build parking garage [Freep]

State Savings Bank

151 W Fort Street, Detroit , MI