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Hottest Week: Welcome to The Finals! Erica or Derek?

Here 'tis! The final round of hottest week! Will it be Erica Collica or Derek J. Weaver? Erica works for Max Broock Realtors and Derek is an Associate Broker at 4731 Group.

Let's review what we know about these sexy people before we open the poll.

First we asked each to tell us what they love about the job.

Erica: EVERYTHING. I grew up in the business and started working for a real estate developer when I was 16 (now 28). I studied Fashion Merchandising in San Francisco and truly missed the real estate business in Metro Detroit. I love meeting new people everyday, the fast pace of the business (never a dull moment), and really helping people (corny as it sounds) lol. I tell it like it is to my clients realistically and at the end of the day, they appreciate it and everything works out. And as sick as it sounds...I LOVE the smell of drywall. It excites me.

Derek: I love the different people and the opportunities I encounter on a daily basis. I specialize in "creative" commercial space in Detroit which allows me to meet the most interesting entrepreneurs and artists with the craziest ideas.

Then we asked each person what they would buy if given an unlimited budget and allowed to pick any Detroit property to call home.

Erica: If I could turn any property in Detroit into my home in would be The Fox Theatre. It was one of the first buildings I'd ever admired. I remember going there as a child to see Sesame Street or The Rockettes and time and time again, I would be completely preoccupied looking at the interior design rather than the show. If there was a way to reside in an upper level (and maybe there is!) that would be ideal for me. My most favorite performance was when Kid Rock had the benefit concert with the DSO there in May. I was fortunate enough to be in the 10th row-to have raised that dollar amount to save an organization with one performance was incredible and to feel the energy in the crowd was very moving. I think it really was a demonstration of what Detroit is capable of.

Derek: I would buy and live in the Zip Code: 48208! According to Business Insider, this zip code is one of the "15 cheapest zip codes in the U.S." with an extraordinarily high crime rate, a robbery risk six times the national average, and a murder rate eight times the national average.....(NOT TRUE!)

I read this in an article by Business Insider last year and was really bothered by it. I operate the 4731 Arts Incubator building in this zip code and couldn't believe that was the image that was being portrayed to the rest of the country. That article lingered in the back of my mind for months. Then it struck me that I needed to do something about it. On July 15th I launched the "Grand River Creative Corridor" project with the goal transforming this neighborhood into a creative hub that attracts: tourists, artists, entrepreneurs, and investors alike. We're a month into the project and the plan is in underway! 48208 will soon be portrayed differently...

Poll results

Poll closes at noon next Monday!