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The Most Authentic Detroit Vacation Rental $40/Night Can Buy

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You may have heard about this "renaissance Detroit" tourists are signing up to see. You know, the version of the city where one comes to see world-class art, stay in a posh/arty bed and breakfast, and suck down classic cocktails/pour-over coffee featured in Food and Wine. But we all know that the real Detroit is a bit more depressing than that and the tourists don't get the full picture. Until now! Finally, someone has listed a vacation rental on airbnb that will give visitors a real honest-to-goodness down-on-its-luck real Detroit experience. Yes, for just $40 a night, you can sleep in this van and experience real destitution in the D.

The genius host named Luke who listed this thing is a bit of a re-brander himself. As you'll notice the headline does not say "mini-van," it says "FUTURISTIC SLEEPING POD." Do we have another Dan Gilbert in the making? Way to make a 1991 Toyota Previa so hot right now. The "pod," if you will, offers "two seats and one large queen sized bay with additional seats that fold down to create seating for four." You'll need to show your drivers license to rent this baby, which has tinted windows so you need not hold back on your vacation sexy times! We highly suggest bringing your own "club" anti-theft device to make this place feel like home and park it downtown for the night. With any luck, you'll acquire at least three parking tickets while you sleep and experience a break-in. Only then, dear tourist, will you wake up a real Detroiter and take the next logical step: fleeing for Chicago.