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Want An All-Access Pass to Detroit's Downtown Castle? Just Say Curbed Sent You

You've been reading about the renovation of downtown Detroit's castle (formally known as the Grand Army of the Republic building) on this site since it was purchased last fall. And now you are officially obsessed. You must, must, must see this castle up close. But the official opening is not until November 11, 2013! How in the world will you wait that long? You don't have to!

The Michigan Historical Preservation Network gets to bring 125 lucky attendees through the building for their fall fundraising event on October 12 and they are inviting Curbed readers an exclusive opportunity to purchase tickets first. The invite states "The event will feature a tour of the building by owners Mindfield, as well a video presentation of the rehab process. This won't be an ordinary powerpoint yawnfest." Any they'll feed you too! At least two local pop-up restaurateurs are promised.

So how do you get in on this? You'll need to purchase a ticket (it's a fundraiser, people!) at $100 ($75 for students). We'll be sending an email blast out with details on how to RSVP and reserve your ticket to subscribers to the Curbed email newsletter. What's that you say? Not on the list. The box below will help you fix that ASAP. Otherwise good luck waiting till fall 2013 for the big reveal!

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The GAR Building

1943 W. Grand River , Detroit, MI 48226