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Bagley Street Takes The Honors As Best Block of Corktown

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Curbed Best Blocks coverage is a round up of the the city's most desirable places to live. At least in our humble opinion. We wanted to highlight special places that don't necessarily have listings right now, but that we'd sure like to swoop in on the next time something becomes available. See a block we missed? Tell us about it.

Corktown has plenty of great blocks and a lot of people that feel strongly that theirs is the best. But we picked Bagley Street between 8th Street and Trumbull over close contenders like Leverette and Labrosse (cue the angry emails!) for important reasons! One, there's still a killer listing for a cottage on the market. But more importantly, Bagley's got the perfect not-too-trendy (sorry Sugar House) and not-too-divey (Sorry LJ's lounge) neighborhoody neighborhood bar with the perfect wood-burning fireplace for escaping winter. That would be St. CeCe's Pub. And certainly that eye-catching purple Victorian house in that luscious plum hue is also a win. Lastly, the tree cover saved us from melting on the July day we shot these photos. Michigan Ave? That will burn you every time.

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