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Tonight: Restoration Plans for Scrapped Mansion and A Hotel Charlevoix Update

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This post was authored by Amy Swift.

It's the event you've all been on pins-and-needles waiting for. That's right. Tonight is the night the Historic District Commission (HDC) is set to reconvene to review plans for the restoration of the scrapped Van Dyke mansion. Since we had so much fun last week (and we know the 100+ of you following along did too), Curbed staff will be providing you with another action packed evening of LIVE blogging coverage! But that's not all folks! We've scoured through the agenda for this week's meeting and found a few more meeting topics we're dying to hear all about. Looks like it's shaping up to be a big night here at the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building, so make sure you clear your evening and stock the booze.
Last week we posted an overview of the case thus far. To recap developments since that post, Van Dyke mansion owner Michael Mallett was not present at last week's hearing because he was practicing his right as a wealthy global citizen to attend the London Olympics. Instead his attorney (and former mansion owner) Rod Strickland was there spinning all sorts of promises to restore the historic mansion to its pre-scrapped decadence, which is good because the council ruled that Mallett must undertake a "functional and complete restoration" per the Secretary of the Interior's Standards in order to avoid fines. To these ends, Mallett was asked to present plans, project timelines, specifications, etc. at the next meeting (this meeting) for the committee to approve.

So will we finally catch a glimpse of the ever illusive Mallett at this meeting as was previously promised? Our sources say likely not. But that's not to say there won't be excitement. John Skok, architect with the Birmingham-based firm McIntosh Poris Associates that has been hired by Mallett, told us that he has already submitted drawings and recommendations to the council for review. He also plans on attending the hearing to "clarify [the] approach and findings as it relates to the front entry, South patio balustrade and the garage door/trim that have been damaged/removed." Damaged you say?! Hopefully you jest.

While many of you will be following along, drink in hand, in the comfort of your homes, we still expect a healthy showing of West Villagers at the event. We wonder what kinds of signs they might bring this time?

As promised though, this is not the only topic of interest that has made it onto this month's agenda. Remember the June HDC meeting where Hotel Charlevoix's scumlord Ralph Sachs was denied a demolition permit and was instead ordered to submit plans to properly mothball the structure? Well, it looks like we're going to get an update on the Hotel Charlevoix drama as well! Pop some popcorn!

On a (hopefully) lighter note, we see there is a curious listing in the new business portion of the agenda naming the James Burgess Book Jr. House on E. Jefferson. It also appears there is a seasonal outdoor cafe on the 4100 block of Woodward that is seeking approval. Ooo, we hope it's something delicious. Cross your fingers!

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Mansion At 649 Van Dyke St.

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