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One-Bedroom Canfield Loft Just Listed For $175,000

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One of the Canfield Loft units (renovated in 2000) just came on the market this week. The one-bedroom asks $175,000 for 1,247 square feet. We imagine a few people eligible for the Live Midtown incentives are freaking out a bit right now. Here is why: hardwood floors, 12-foot ceilings, and exposed brick. The listing claims this is the only unit for sale in the building right now, which from what we can tell is true. You'd be living next door to Motor City Brewing Works, one of the rare Detroit joints with a rooftop patio. This one should not have to wait long for an offer.

· 460 Canfield St, Unit 210 [Michigan Homes]

Canfield Lofts

460 W Canfield St., Detroit, MI